July 30, 2014

If you have ever wondered how to maneuver through life without all the baggage you carry with you, this is the section for you.

Here we will explore topics like marriage (Spousal Safari), parenting (Parental Pathways), dealing with loss (Restructuring and Restoring After Loss), relationships (Relational Revolution), and so many more.

REASONS relationships fail:

  • There is a lack of development
  • There is a repetitive re-triggering without repair
  • There is no ability to repair
  • There is a lack of skills and knowledge

Don't let that be your relationship!

Join us on this safari as we hunt for answers in the following areas...

  • Why we are feeling stuck in our spousal relationship
  • How to develop in our relationship
  • How to identify and do away with relational stamps and triggers that cause problems within marriages
  • What skills and knowledge we need to have a healthy relationship
    1. How our personalities interrelate
    2. Why relational stamps are important to know about and how to deal with them effectively
    3. How to love each other in our spouse's love language
    4. How to listen to each other
    5. What does healthy sexuality look like
    6. What does the Bible teach about marriage
    7. The stages of a marriage
    8. How to set effective goals for your relationship

Along with these lessons, you will find assignments for each lesson to reinforce and enhance what was taught. You will find extra notes, questions to answer, assessments and inventories to complete and analyse, charts and information presented in picture format as well as things for you to do to put into practice the things discussed during the classes. VALUE $250.00.

Along with all these great learning tools, you will also receive one free consulting session for you and your partner (in person if you are in the Red Deer area or via Skype). VALUE $120.00.

All you pay is one low price of $200 and you receive the lessons, assignments and one free consulting session on any topic you choose.

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Have you ever been stumped as to how to train your children to become responsible adults? Do you ever get frustrated with the constant demands of parenthood? Join the millions of other parents who feel the same way.

In Parental Pathways I teach PRINCIPLES about parenting that will help you in any situation you find yourself in. This course will teach you to THINK right about the privilege of being a parent. I believe that if we think right about parenting, then we will do parenting correctly. That is why this is not a how-to course. We need to get the principles correct in order to be the parent who loves his/her child and also disciplines them. If we get the principles right then we will have adult children who become our friend as well as our child.

You pay ONLY $135 and you will...

...learn about the principles of parenting in nine lessons.

...have a workbook that is full of summaries, charts, tables, assessments, assignments etc. that you will find very helpful. I encourage you to take advantage of this resource.

The first step into the Parental Pathway is RESPECT. That is why I have chosen to use the word respect as an acronym in creating this course.

  1. R – ecognition: parenting style
  2. R - ecognition #2:  personalities
  3. E – steem: how to ensure your child will have a good self-esteem
  4. S – ense: atmosphere in the home
  5. S - ense #2:  discernment
  6. P – oint: your children in the right direction
  7. E – valuation: every job has a form of evaluation, so should the most important job of all
  8. C – onnection: how to build and maintain the connection between you and your child
  9. T – treasure: creating memories

When you order this course, you get:

  • The invaluable nine principles of parenting VALUE: $250
  • The workbook full of helpful summaries, charts, tables, assessments, assignments VALUE: $100

You get all this for only $135!

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