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Woman walking up stone steps with arms raised in the air

This Completed Circle of Forgiveness is what I created to help me understand that forgiveness is not what I have believed most of my life.

Black and white illustration of forgiveness circle

I believed that if someone did something to me, no matter how hurtful, I had to ‘forgive’ them and never talk about it again. Life would go on as before and we were buddies again. That was the proof that I had forgiven that person. I also believed that if I did not go through that protocol, I could never be forgiven. Added to that I believed that I did not dare to feel any of the anger, resentment, bitterness etc. that the hurt produced in me. I was denying the very core of who I am. I was damaging my soul.

In this course we will talk about the right side of the circle which covers what forgiveness is, why it is beneficial to forgive and the steps in the process of forgiveness. After that we will go through the other side of the circle which I have entitled Reformation. Where we will learn what the steps are in the process of reforming our attitudes and behaviour when we have hurt someone else.

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