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Katherine Krahn

November 29, 2023

It is February and it is a month associated with love. Possibly, maybe, perhaps because of Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day.

What does it mean to you?

It is a day when you take time to let a loved one know how much you care about them and love them by doing a variety of different things that would make them feel special.

Some couples go all out and plan something elaborate. Other couples do something less extravagant. However, the expectation is that if you are in a romantic relationship, your partner will do something special for you on Valentine's day.

Whether you are in a romantic relationship or you are not, you will always have someone to show you how special you are and how much you are loved and cared for.

That person is you.

You will always be with you. You can never get away from you. You will do life together with you everywhere you go. Wouldn't it serve you the best to be nice, kind, considerate and loving to yourself? Why not make yourself feel special? Why not do something that shows how much you love yourself?

Why not give yourself the gift of time?

Take time...

  • To plan a special day. It can be Valentine's Day or any day. Psst: It could be more than once a year;
  • To buy a card and write yourself a love note;
  • Tell yourself the things you love about yourself;
  • What you appreciate about yourself;
  • What you are proud of that you have done;
  • What you have learned about yourself;
  • And plan a special meal of your favourite food made by you (you can go to your favourite restaurant or order in);
  • To think about what makes you feel special;
  • What is something you could do?;
  • What could you make?;
  • What could you buy?;
  • Where could you go?;
  • Whatever it is make sure it is something that makes you appreciate who you are

It is when we learn how to take care of ourselves and love who we are, that we can in turn love others more fully and completely. It is when you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that you love who you are, that you know you are taken care of, that is when you can go out and love others and care about and for them without any strings attached.