Services - R'NR Counseling

  • Would you like to be free from the turmoil that you are experiencing in your relationships?
  • Would you like to shed the depression and anxiety that is weighing heavily on you?
  • Do you want to learn how to handle the pain and grief of losses in your life?
  • Are you wondering what it would be like to live a less stressful life?
  • Would you like to see the light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Do you feel you are your worst critic?

As a counselor in Red Deer, Alberta I am able to provide you with therapy in the form of restructuring in areas such as couple's therapy, parenting skills, family relationships, anger management, stress management, dealing with loss, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and spiritual abuse. Your life will be restored to productivity, fulfillment and confidence as you learn to use the lifetime tools I will teach you.


Physical, verbal, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual. All forms of abuse are traumatic even though the effects of abuse can and often lay dormant for years, which makes it difficult to deal with. An objective point of view is necessary to see how the abuse has affected your quality of life and how to change those affects in your life. I am passionate about helping you restructure and restore your life in all areas of abuse.


At last! A revolutionary way of dealing with anger. I believe that anger management is not enough. Anger is always the second emotion. I will teach you some constructive ways of dealing with the intensity of the emotion of anger and then together we will explore the source of the anger and deal with that as we watch the need for anger dissipate. Anger is only one of many emotions we all experience and I would love to show you how to find the source of your anger, learn how to deal with the source and then together we will watch your anger dissipate.

Anxiety and Depression

There is help!

Anxiety and depression go hand in hand and as such they need to be dealt with together. There is always a reason for anxiety and depression to exist. We want to help you realistically assess your situation and to gain an understanding as to the source of your anxiety and depression thereby restructuring your life. Then we would love to help you restore your life to wholeness, happiness, fulfillment and joy by changing your frame of reference, learning how to protect personal boundaries, learning how to take action, knowing what kind of action to take, and more.


Death (person, pet, career), divorce., sickness, leaving home and retirement.

There are many forms of loss. They all have a similar process in dealing with them even though they are all unique as each relationship is unique. I will help you learn how to identify and express the variety of emotions that go along with any loss as you learn to restructure your life in order to restore balance once again.

Marriage / Couples Therapy

How to...

  • Get unstuck when all you do is go around the same issues over and over again.
  • Communicate your wants and needs to your spouse when they do not listen to you.
  • Increase intimacy when it seems like you have nothing in common with your spouse.
  • Be in love again when it feels like all you do is fight.
  • Repair instead of tearing apart.
  • Learn about your style of relating and how it effects your relationship.
  • Have a healthy, vibrant, loving, and supportive relationship.
  • Learn how to be transparent instead of vulnerable.

In Couple's Therapy I use many different techniques and exercises to help you see what is going on in your marriage and I give you tools to use in order to move past the roadblocks that you are experiencing.

Check out the course entitled Spousal Safari for a home study course that you can work at your own pace and gain insight into couple relationships. Coming soon!


Warning! There is no owners manual that comes with your child when they are born.
If there was, you would know what to do when...

  • You get overwhelmed.
  • Colic sets in.
  • The tantrums get out of control.
  • There is no sharing.
  • The child refuses to leave mom or dad's side.
  • It comes time for school and they are not ready.
  • There is conflict with peers.
  • The teenage years loom and all the drama.
  • It comes time to let them go out on their own.

It would be nice to know what to do specifically for each child to raise them well. It would be great to be able to confidently say, 'I did a good job' when you see your children all grown up and on their own. I can help you to be that confident self-assured person.

Check out the course entitled Parental Pathways for a principle based course on raising your children to become responsible adults.


Did you know that relationships are the most important aspect of life? Everywhere you go, you are thrust into a relationship of some kind. Doesn't it make sense to invest time and effort into ensuring that our relationships are healthy?

What kind of relationships do you have? Take this quiz!

  • Do you feel in competition with another person? - Are others jealous of you in some way?
  • Are you jealous of others?
  • Is there a lot of conflict in your relationships?
  • Are your relationships all work and no play?
  • Do you ever wonder if you can trust other people?
  • Do you put up guards around your heart so as not to be taken advantage of? - Do you ever wonder what advantage others have over you?
  • Does it feel like you get walked all over by others?
  • Do other people make you angry, critical, depressed etc.?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these ten questions, you might want to consider investing time and effort into creating relationships that are steady, secure, loving, peaceful, and trustworthy. I would love to show you how to RESTRUCTURE unhealthy relationships and RESTORE them to health. I deal with parenting relationships, peer relationships, dating relationships, pre-marriage counseling, friendships, and work relationships.

Check out the course entitled Relational Revolution (Coming soon).


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life? Do you feel as though you are constantly in a flight (fear) or fight (anger) mode? I have a quick and easy technique to teach you on how to clear up the mental and emotional clutter of being stressed and overwhelmed. Over 80% of all physical diseases are caused by stress, fear and anxiety. The amount of energy you use when stressed takes away from other productive pursuits and often debilitating you. Once the clutter is cleared out, then you will have room to restructure and restore your responses to life in a healthier and more productive way.