Forgiveness Circle

Have you ever wondered, 'how could anyone ask me to forgive so-and-so after what they did to me?!' 

Forgiveness is not:

  • whitewashing what was done to you
  • absolving the person from guilt
  • releasing the person from the consequences of their actions
  • letting them keep wallking all over your soul
  • being 'buddy, buddy' with the person who has wronged you

There is a distinct and liberating process to forgiving.

Find out more and practice using this tool in all your relationships.

At last! It is here!

Have you ever tried to 'forgive and forget'? How has it been for you? it has never worked for me, so I developed the Complete Circle of Forgiveness.

This circle will show you step by step how to go through the process of forgiving someone when you have been wronged and mistreated.

As well, this circle shows step by step what to do when you have wronged someone else. We all need to go through both sides of this circle in our lifetime.

This is a life giving tool that you do not want to miss!