Personal Tools

Finally! The tools you need.

Tools on how to live life to the fullest. Tools on how to find out who you are, how to feel good about yourself, how to understand relationships, how to deal with stress, anger, and loss.

In this personal tool, you will experience the exposure of lies and truth.

  • The lies we believe about who we are.
  • The truth about who we really are.

Have you ever wondered what you are here on earth for?
Do you ever feel like there should be more to life than what you are living?
Would you like to be able sum up who you are in four words?

Have you ever wondered, 'how could anyone ask me to forgive so-and-so after what they did to me?!' 

Forgiveness is not:

  • whitewashing what was done to you
  • absolving the person from guilt
  • releasing the person from the consequences of their actions
  • letting them keep wallking all over your soul
  • being 'buddy, buddy' with the person who has wronged you

There is a distinct and liberating process to forgiving.

Find out more and practice using this tool in all your relationships.


My Feelings Do Not My Identity Make

October 15, 2015