The Power of Imagination: Part 4

July 21, 2015 Written by 

 WHY FANTASIZE WHEN WE CAN IMAGINE? Fantasy is the easy way out.

We live in an instant society - instant oatmeal, instant pictures, instant communication, etc. We like it when everything is at our fingertips and that we can access any piece of information whenever we want. All we have to do is Google it. I do like all the conveniences of a lot of these things (except the instant oatmeal

One of the dangers is that our minds never shut down.

We need to have a ‘sleep’ button on our brain that will shut it down so that we can reserve energy for other important things that need to be mulled over, thought through, pondered, revolved around in our mind, meditate on, etc.

If our minds do not shut down, then we do not allow ourselves the luxury of taking things slower in order to contemplate, rest, consider, be silent, to invent.

Fantasy is pleasant.

Since we can create anything we want to in our fantasies, then we will usually create wonderful scenarios that make us feel good. It can be anything from relatively harmless imaginary friends to super hero fantasies to a different family to a new and improved relationship with someone other than who you are with (porn is a good example of this) to an awesome marriage to ______ (you fill in the blank).

All of these scenarios are for your benefit somehow and have no solution attached to them except that you get to escape to your ‘happy’ place. They do not help you solve any problem, they do not help you deal with your present circumstances because they are not based on the truth or reality.

Fantasy is an escape.

Fantasizing can take you to a different place where none of your problems exist and therefore they do not need any solutions.

It is impossible to change a circumstance or to solve a problem without using your imagination. Fantasy only compounds the problem and causes further concerns.

In order to stop fantasizing and start imagining, we need to activate the ‘sleep’, ‘stand-by’, or the ‘snooze’ button long enough to get quiet, silent, and relax.

There are many relaxation techniques that can be employed. My favourite is Dr. Jim Richards’ Heart Physics. You can find it on

I personally have developed a secret place where I go to meet with the Creator of the Universe.

I started off with imagining the most relaxing place I could possibly go - nature.

I then imagined what I would like to have in my imaginary world. As I pondered that I realized that I could have anything I wanted and I did not have to have things I did not want. So, I had a tree with some grass underneath it, but no bugs or creepy crawly things. The rustling leaves of the tree were being swayed gently by the light breeze. The sun shining through the leaves created a dappled effect all around me.

I would imagine myself lying on my back looking up at the sky (much like I did with my dog Brownie as a child) while contemplating a problem, feeling, or a situation I was in. Or maybe I was grappling with a new concept and I needed to fit it into the framework I already had in place.

After awhile, I thought a rippling brook would be a nice addition. So, a rippling brook appeared in my secret place. I have often thought the sound of water moving over rocks is a soothing sound and it helped me to relax.

By this time I could see the sky and sun through the leaves of the tree; I could feel the grass underneath my back and the gentle breeze on my face, I could hear the birds singing sweetly in the trees (did I not mention the birds?); I heard the gurgling brook as the water flowed over the rocks; I could smell the wonderful fresh smell of the outdoors.

Sometimes I would sit up, pull my knees up and lay my chin on my knees while watching the butterflies flitting from flower to plant and back again.

I kept adding things to my secret place because it is created in my imagination, so I can add or take away anything I want to.

Now, as I step into my secret place, the first thing I do is greet Jesus because he is always there waiting for me to come and spend time with him - a big hug and looking into his eyes is what makes me feel special and valued and important. I have a place of belonging and I know I am loved.

In my secret place I still have my tree, birds, sunshine, gurgling brook, butterflies, flowers. I have added a meadow full of flowers across the brook where I often go skipping through the flowers or where I lie down and take time to look at the sky. I think I will add a hill with grass so that I can lay down and roll down the hill - do you remember how much fun that was? I just have to decide if I will be dizzy when I get to the bottom or not.

I also have a fire pit because that is the epitome of relaxation for me. I have a path into the woods that we like to walk on minus the bears or other dangers.

I thought about who I would like to let into my secret place. Guess who made the cut - my childhood dog, Brownie and Jesus.

I use my secret place whenever I need to get away from the pressures of life for awhile; when I need to have quiet, rest, meditative time, mull things over, ponder things or simply vent.

One time I remember I came stomping into my secret place and started complaining about someone who had wronged me in my life. Jesus took one look at me and crooked his finger at me as a signal to follow him. He led me to a cabin that I did not yet know I had. It was a nice cabin with a porch and a porch swing on it. Jesus invited me to sit on the swing with him and let me rant and rave until I was done. Then he asked me, ‘is that all?’ When I said ‘yes’, he said very gently, ‘Katherine, it isn’t always all about you.’

Well!!! That was not what I had come to hear!! I wanted sympathy and understanding!! I turned my back towards him while he patiently waited.

After contemplating what he said, I turned back to him and said, ‘I believe what you are saying, but you are going to have to show me how this applies to my situation.’ We cuddled there on the swing for awhile before I had to leave. It was later on during the day and in the days to come that it became clear to me what he had meant with that packed statement. At that time, all I knew is that is would be okay and that I was still loved, valued, important and I belonged.

There have been many times when I have gone to my secret place just to hang out for awhile. Other times I go to get answers to problems, situations, circumstances that are troubling me. Sometimes Jesus will give me a direct response to my inquiries and other times he suggests we go for a walk, or a swim in the brook or we sit by the fire cozied up with Brownie.

It is different every time.
It is not pretend because God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are real.
I am using my imagination to have a relationship with him whom I cannot see.

The process is to gain information, understanding, wisdom and then apply that insight to your life. I highly recommend Dr. Jim Richards’ Heart Physics program to gain more information, understanding and wisdom. It is up to you whether you apply it or not.

I believe that one reason why God has given us an imagination is so that we can have a dynamic relationship with Him.

So, why not use our imaginations to solve problems, see our goals before they ever exist, have a relationship with the Creator of the Universe, see situations from all angles so that we can gain an understanding and know how to apply truths to our lives. Why not use our imaginations to change the innermost part of our being - our hearts - from which comes all the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23)

Why not? What is stopping you?
Can you imagine what it would be like to live a life without limitations?