Dealing with Concern, Worry, and Anxiety

March 25, 2015 Written by 

"I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened."

Mark Twain



Anxiety is fear driven - about what has happened or what might happen - and it is essential to get help in figuring out what the root cause is in order to reduce the level of anxiety in your life.  You very likely will need help to find the root cause because it can become so pervasive and dark that we cannot see past the end of our nose, so to speak.

What we do when we are anxious is that we have trained our brain to think only negative thoughts.  It is like we have hypnotized ourselves.  We can re-hypnotize ourselves into thinking some positive thoughts and then more and more until we are mostly thinking positive thoughts.  If we have been hypnotized for a long period of time, we may think it is impossible to change, but I would like to challenge you to give it a try.

Here is one thing that will see you through until you can find the help you need...




Start with one thing (see example below) 'I am grateful for the house I live in.'  Then ask yourself what is it about the house that you are grateful for - the fact that it is dry.  Think about what that means to you to stay dry.  Elaborate on it as much as you can - feel the contrast between being wet and dry.  Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of being dry instead of wet.  Then leave the list until the next day.

The Next Day: Spend some time thinking about yesterday's item and allow yourself to feel the feeling of being dry.

Add one more thing that you are grateful for about your house.  Elaborate and again feel what that feels like and how good that feels.


The Next Day: Spend time thinking about the two aspects (one at a time) of your house that you are grateful for and feel what that feels like.  Add another aspect of the thing you are grateful for.  Do that every day.


Keep goinguntil you have exhausted all the aspects of your house that you are grateful for.  Anytime after that when you think 'house' all those things that you are grateful for about your house will come to mind and you will feel grateful.


A Personal Example: I spend time thinking about what is it that makes me feel thankful for the aspects of the house I live in.

  • I like staying dry on a wet and cold day; there is nothing worse than to be wet and cold, so I am grateful that I have a dry house to come home to where I can dry out or at least not be wet and miserable.
  • I enjoy being warm especially when the weather is cold.  I feel very cozy when I wrap myself in a blanket and I can read a good book or just sit quietly or just to feel the warmth creep back int my body from being cold.  I mentally wrap a blanket around me or if possible I do it physically.
  • I am very grateful that my house has windows through which I can see the outdoors as in sunrises, sunsets, trees, sky - there is something about the sky that I can get lost in and it feels like there are limitless possibilities (the sky is the limit).  Allow yourself to gaze into the far distant sky.  (Psst - It also relaxes your eye muscles.)
  • I love feeling of hot water pouring over my body in the shower and I often envision all my negative thoughts washing away into the drain.  Somehow my singing sounds so much nicer to my ears with the water running. :-)

There are other things...for another day.

Because I believe the Creator of the Universe loves me and wants only what is best for me, I also use the Trampoline Technique.  I take all the things I am concerned/worried/anxious about, throw them onto the trampoline and bounce them up to God and let him take care of them until he says it is time for me to deal with an aspect of it.  After all, He takes such exquisite care of the flowers and the birds, why would he not take care of my concerns/worries/anxeities?