Emotional Healing

May 9, 2014 Written by  Katherine Krahn

Life = relationships

How we have learned to relate to others will determine how healthy we are emotionally.

As children, we have family relationships with parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. If we are fortunate these relationships will be healthy and we will have thrived within these relationships.

All too many people have not experienced healthy relationships growing up. What many have experienced is shutting down of emotions in comments like, 'don't cry' OR 'don't be angry' OR 'you are too sensitive' OR 'boys don't cry'. Or the experience may very well be that relationships are dangerous.

It is in relationships where emotional scarring, bruising, wounding and brokenness occurs.

As we grow up we have relationships with schoolmates and later on in the work environment and romantic relationships.

Many people say, 'I came from a family that loved each other. We are really close.' However, they are presently experiencing problems in their relationships. It may be time to take a closer look at past relationships.

My commission is the bind up the broken hearts and help my clients to find the source of the problem and empower them to make the choice to change and then to give them the tools with which to make the changes they want to make in order to have a better future.

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