My Commission

May 2, 2014 Written by  Katherine Krahn

As we strive to understand our past we realize from the size of the burden we bear that our hearts are bruised, wounded and even broken.

My commission is to bind up the broken hearts and to show the way to healing.

We often find ourselves immobilized by emotional and mental chains that go way back into our past. These chains often seem overpowering and leave us feeling hopeless and powerless.

My commission is to tell you how you can break those chains one by one and experience the liberty that comes from being free of the weight of those chains.

We can and often do find ourselves imprisoned by emotional scars and by fears – fear of failure if we have tried to do something that we are not familiar with; fear of what will other people say or think about us and therefore we do not do a lot of the things we really want to do; fear of 'what if...' things don't turn out the way we want them to; fear of being found out because we have done something that is wrong; fear of not doing things perfectly. The list goes on.

Fear keeps us imprisoned. We still function in life reasonably well, but everything we do is motivated by fear and it keeps us locked in the cell of fear.

My commission is to tell you about the way to freedom and how to experience the spaciousness of life outside the walls of the cell called 'fear'.

It is up to you whether you will take the way of healing, liberty, and freedom that is being offered or not.

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