Understanding the Past...

April 25, 2014 Written by  Katherine Krahn

At R 'N R Counseling we believe in the importance of understanding where we come from and to gain a clear picture of where we have been. We are not who we are just a result of the past few days, weeks, months or even years. We are an accumulation of all our years that we have lived on earth. So, when we experience problems in our present experience, there is very likely a connection to our past somewhere. Often the help of a trusted friend, mentor or a counselor is needed to help us see that connection. We get too wrapped up in our own emotional baggage that we cannot see past our emotional experience and see what the root of the problem is.

It is as we clean up our past negative experiences that we then become empowered to change our present experiences.

We cannot solve a problem until we see what the problem is.

When we have problems in the present, the origin of the problem is somewhere in the near or far past. That is why it is important to understand our past, in order to change the present so we can experience a better future.

Once we understand our past, we are empowered to change our present.

If you are finding yourself in a less than desirable relationship in the present it indicates that the root of this problem is in the past somewhere. Often this is due to having dysfunctional relationships in the past.

More often than not these dysfunctional relationships are learned within the family. So an examination of family relationship and all other relationships need to be understood because these relational patterns repeat.

Understanding how relationships work means that we must find out where the problem originates and once you see the origin, then you have a choice to make:

  1. Are you going to keep living with this problem
  2. Are you going to take steps to correct the problem

Remember, we cannot solve a problem until we know what the problem is, so to dig into the past and discovering the root of problems will empower us to make the choice and if we choose to take steps to correct the problem, our future will be better.

Once we take steps to change our present we are looking at a better future.

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